Women's Rome Lo-Fi Snowboard 2018

Women's Rome Lo-Fi Snowboard 2018

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evo.com | Rome Snowboards > Revised and revamped for the 2018 season, the Rome Lo-Fi Snowboard is the fully cambered, spring-loaded sister of the Lo-Fi Rocker. Ultra poppy and responsive, this Lo-Fi Snowboard delivers a true twin shape with the power and precision that only positive camber can provide. Whether your day involves charging uncut corduroy, tireless park laps, or all-mountain exploration in between storm cycles, the Rome Lo-Fi Snowboard is an absolute rockstar. 2 x 4 Inserts True Twin A true twin snowboard shape is ideal for riders who want to ride switch and do some tricks. The nose and tail are identical and the flex is evenly distributed throughout the entirety of the board. True twins are perfectly symmetrical. Pop Core Matrix Do-anything performance that balances lightness, response and strength with two zones of low-density wood. The everyday balance of response and lightness, this go-to design is built primarily of responsive, strong wood, with two zones of a lighter wood species. SinterTrue Base Fundamental sintered performance with plenty of wax absorption HotRods | Bamboo Single Barrel A single rod of bamboo in the centerline adds ollie pop while letting the rest of the board flex normally. Rome mill channels in the cores of nearly every board we make and integrate thin carbon, glass and bamboo rods for more pop and more power. As with TurboRod Technology, we place HotRods in the boards to deliver power to specific areas. Found in both TurboRod and HotRod Technologies, a single barrel of carbon, glass or bamboo delivers more pop in the centerline of the board without any unwanted torsional power to increase freeride edge hold. | Women's Rome Lo-Fi Snowboard 2018

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