Women's Rome Guild Snowboard Bindings 2020

Women's Rome Guild Snowboard Bindings 2020

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evo.com | Rome Snowboard Bindings > The Rome Guild Snowboard Bindings come stocked with all the goods you need for days at the resort getting your money's worth out of a lift ticket. Featuring a versatile shred-everything flex with an ergonomic women's specific Asym highback, these bindings swaddle your leg in protective, shock-dampening comfort. With an EVA SubBase Pad and a V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate, these bindings take good care of your feet for all-day comfort backed by one of the greatest warranties in the biz. Flex Rating 6 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) AsymWrap Technology The flex comes before the pop in this platform. With three points of heel hoop connection and Rome's UnderWrap concept at a single point on the medial side of the toe, the AsymWrap platform focuses on a smooth, flexible feel. This technology is for riders who like to surf freeride terrain and folks who like to tweak and play on freestyle features. PivotMount Max Technology Just loosen a screw and snap the PivotMount's arm into different position arrangements to control whether you have a flexible, mid-range, or powerful toeside performance profile. ConformGrip 2.0 Toe Strap The OpenForm toe strap is engineered to self-adjust to the toe of any boot model. By using a minimalist design approach, Rome reduces weight while delivering performance-oriented foot control. Full Highback Rotation Riders have the ability to rotate the highback so it aligns with the heel edge of their board. Being able to adjust the highback provides better power transfer, more tweakability and proper edge hold. | Women's Rome Guild Snowboard Bindings 2020

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