Women's Now Brigada Sboard Bindings 2020

Women's Now Brigada Sboard Bindings 2020

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evo.com | Now Snowboard Bindings > As long-awaited female version of the popular Brigade, Now Brigada Snowboard Bindings are the choice to get rad all over the mountain. They feature the minimalist FM Women's highback, which hits a great balance between flex and responsiveness, with zero discomfort. The straps are contoured to fit your boot, eliminating pinch points and hot spots so you can ride to your heart's content without ever having to think about your bindings. Skate Tech is the truth-give it a shot and you won't go back to traditional bindings! Flex Rating 5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) Skate Tech Inspired by how easily and efficiently a skateboard turns, major components of Now's system mimic both the function and description of skateboard trucks. The Hanger powerfully transfers energy input from the straps to the bushings and onto the edges of your board. The Kingpin acts as a fulcrum, magnifying this energy through leverage. Traditional bindings diminish energy transfer by the flexing and bending of their baseplate, forcing you to crank your straps down harder, ride with more forward lean, or run taller and stiffer highbacks. This all leads to more foot fatigue and pain. NOW Bindings bypass the middle of the snowboard and direct your energy right onto the board's edges. They simply transfer more power to the board with less work, meaning your feet will stay more relaxed and comfortable, longer. Flushcup Technology Designed to hold boots even without a highback, these have a flush inner surface where the highback meets the heelcup. This gives direct energy transfer between boot and binding. Asym SIEVA Ankle Straps By combining the manufacturing methods of their SIEVA straps with the design of the FLIPIT, these straps are comfortable, supportive, and lightweight. FM Women's Highback Flexible and supportive, these are an all-mountain freestyle highback that's dependable in all conditions. | Women's Now Brigada Sboard Bindings 2020

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