Women's Arbor Clovis Snowboard 2020

Women's Arbor Clovis Snowboard 2020

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evo.com | Arbor Snowboards > Dial in your perfect stance, adjust your highbacks with a laser level, load up your pockets with supplies, and then get sendy on the Arbor Clovis Snowboard. This big mountain wonder-deck loves freshies, oh-so-smooth transition riding, and locked-and-loaded performance on puckered hold-on-to-your-hat runs. Go forward and venture into the pow-pow or local snow wherever it may fall with the Arbor Clovis Snowboard. Sintered Base A higher molecular weight, sintered base that provides added durability and speed. 2x4 14-Pack Inserts 7 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) 1cm Taper A shaping technique that narrows the profile of the snowboard towards the rear contact points. Tapered snowboards will have a wider nose and narrower tail, allowing the tail of the board to sink in deeper snow creating natural float and cleaner tracking. Entropy Bio Resin Starting with the 2020 line, Arbor is proud to announce that all Powerplys and R.A.P. Topless Tech veneers will be made with Entropy Bio-Resin, a replacement for traditional petroleum based resin that doesn't affect performance or usability. The ingredients that go into Entropy Bio-Resin are sourced as co-products or waste products of other industrial processes and are manufactured employing green chemistry techniques that reduce the carbon footprint of the material by up to 40% when compared to its petroleum based equivalent. | Women's Arbor Clovis Snowboard 2020

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