Women's Arbor Cadence Camber Snowboard 2020

Women's Arbor Cadence Camber Snowboard 2020

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evo.com | Arbor Snowboards > If we're all being honest, style is as important to snowboarding as any other factor, and having a board capable of giving gravity a mean stare every time you hit an appealing feature or pick a flashy line is worth it. The Arbor Cadence Camber Snowboard is that style-hungry board, with all the features you need to turn the entire mountain into your own personal park, with the horsepower to lay down some mean and clean turns on your way back to the lift. The Arbor Cadence Camber Snowboard features Arbor's camber profile for a ride that likes to load up, pop, carve and release. 2x4 12-Pack Inserts Grip-Tech A tri-radial sidecut design that is not "blended." Natural shaping intersections, that in the past were eliminated, have been transformed into heel and toe contact points that provide a direct, more ergonomic way to grip the snow when additional control is needed. 5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) Entropy Bio Resin Starting with the 2020 line, Arbor is proud to announce that all Powerplys and R.A.P. Topless Tech veneers will be made with Entropy Bio-Resin, a replacement for traditional petroleum based resin that doesn't affect performance or usability. The ingredients that go into Entropy Bio-Resin are sourced as co-products or waste products of other industrial processes and are manufactured employing green chemistry techniques that reduce the carbon footprint of the material by up to 40% when compared to its petroleum based equivalent. Sintered Crosslink Base Arbor's CrossLink base is a mid-density material that demonstrates increased speed and durability while maintaining ease of repair. | Women's Arbor Cadence Camber Snowboard 2020

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