Swix Horse Hair Roto Brush

Swix Horse Hair Roto Brush

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Tired of spending hours brushing before every race? Take it easy and let your Roto brush do all the work. The Swix Horsehair Roto Brush is a great option for using as an all around brush. However, it is also great for first brush for all paraffin waxes. When Roto Brushing remember to apply light pressure, allowing the brush to do the work. Pressing too hard can cause the brush to ripple your bases. And remember to brush from tip to tail with the brush rotation throwing the wax particles towards the tail. Length: 100mm, First Brush For All Paraffin Waxes, Best All Around Brush, Highly Recommended: Do NOT use the same brush on regular wax and Cera F, Shape: Roto, Bristle Type: Natural Fibers, Model Year: 2018, Product ID: 178416, Model Number: T0016M, GTIN: 7045950680110

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