Switchback Eiki Pro Snowboard Bindings 2020

Switchback Eiki Pro Snowboard Bindings 2020

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evo.com | Switchback Snowboard Bindings > Mirroring the unique perspective of Eiki Helgason, the Switchback Eiki Pro Snowboard Bindings were designed for maximum freedom of movement, which translates to tweak-ability and flexibility for jibs and grabs. They're crafted with Flatback Highbacks, which offer adjustable responsiveness and an anatomically shaped profile that fits like a glove. With Miller straps and the AERON base, the lightweight and durable Eiki Pros will inspire you to get a little weird. Medium Flex Channel Compatible Minidisk The lighter and reduced footprint of the minidisk allows for a closer feel to the boards flex. Fully compatible with all mounting systems. Miller Strap Milled to save weight while being flexible and form fitting. They're made of a grippy and flexible TPU material and pre-curved to fit the contours of any boot. These straps aid in freestyle riding where flex and mobility are key. AERON Base Introduced in the Fall of 2017 after three years of R&D. It is a stronger and lighter base using an industry first construction method, overmolding forged aluminum with the highest grade polyamide nylon. It has a smaller disc, smaller footprint, and toolless size adjustability. It provides unparalleled fit regardless of boot brand and size. Flatback Eiki Helgason designed this highback for maximum tweakage from tip to tail while still tall and responsive vertically. With adjustable forward lean to dial in desired responsiveness, these highbacks are anatomically shaped to fit the riders natural stance. | Switchback Eiki Pro Snowboard Bindings 2020

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