Switchback Base Kit 2014

Switchback Base Kit 2014

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evo.com | Switchback Snowboard Binding Parts > The Switchback Base Kit is the foundation to your ultimate Switchback setup. These simple baseplates are built from super tough and lightweight composite materials giving you a great amount of durability. With a few key features such as Bumper Corners and Direct Steering, the Switchback baseplates give you direct power transfer from your bindings to your board resulting in a very responsive setup. To complete a set of bindings you will also need to purchase the straps, pads and highbacks of your choice. 2 pcs. Baseplates 2 pcs. Noback Inserts Less Is More Less plastic to the board means a more natural flex pattern under your boot. Switchback also removed all solid material from under your heel to reduce the potential for dreaded 'heel bruise' on heavy, flat or heel edge landings. Bumper Corners The rubber dampening pad sits between the Baseplate and the board to reduce scrape damage to the top sheet and provide a more natural flex pattern under your feet. Extra dampening in the corners of your base padding protects your board from wear and impact damage. Direct Steering In the critical areas along the front and back edges of the binding this padding is thinner to allow a smooth and even power transfer from your feet to your edge, as well as give you a more precise feeling for the terrain underfoot. This makes Switchbacks super responsive. | Switchback Base Kit 2014

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