Sweet Protection Igniter MIPS Helmet 2018

Sweet Protection Igniter MIPS Helmet 2018

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evo.com | Sweet Protection Helmets > The long loved Igniter Helmet gets a welcomed refresh with the addition of MIPS technology - the Sweet Protection Igniter MIPS Helmet. With a Superlight ABS Thermoplastic shell, Impact Shields, and MIPS all working together to protect your noggin' it's suddenly a lot less stressful when you're ripping down big lines with the boys. Not a fan of roasting your head in a sauna? Nor are the designers at Sweet Protection, which is why they designed the Igniter MIPS Helmet with 26 direct vents and a moisture wicking CoolMax liner. OcciGrip Makes the helmet easily adjustable with a low volume mechanism. The OcciGrip construction provides a firm and comfortable grip that prevents the helmet from rolling on your head. CoolMax Liner A stitched, full covering liner made from the anti allergenic and moisture wicking CoolMax material. It provides great comfort in a wide range of temperatures. CE EN 1077:2007 - Class B ABS Thermoplastic Shell - Superlight Sweet Protection's injection molded ABS Thermoplastic Shell - Superlight is impact resistant through its special rubber toughened construction. The shell is molded with extreme precision to offer the best performance to weight ratio through variable thickness. Direct Ventilation A total of 26 penetration proof vents will keep your head cool. | Sweet Protection Igniter MIPS Helmet 2018

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