Spy Marshall Goggles

Spy Marshall Goggles

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Make your next trip the best, with the Marshall Goggle from Spy. These snowboarding goggles feature an ARC Spherical Dual-lens that mimics the shape of the human eye, providing the ultimate in clarity. With a traditional change system that maintains a secure hold and easy lens change when needed. UV protection keeps your eyes safe from the sun's harmful rays, while anti-fog and -scratch coating keeps your lens free from unwanted moisture and scratches. With these goggles, you'll have the perfect line of sight every time. * Frame: Polyurethane * Foam: 3x Isotron * Ventilation: Scoop * Lens: ARC Spherical Dual-Lens * Lens Change System: Traditional * Protection 100% UV * Coatings: Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch * Fit: Medium

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