SporTube Series 2 With Easy Pull Handle

SporTube Series 2 With Easy Pull Handle

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SporTube Series 2 With Easy Pull Handle: High density polyethylene plastic shell protects TWO pairs of Alpine shaped or powder skis and poles while traveling by plane, train, automobile or shipping via FedEx/UPS etc. It is designed to be lightweight while being strong and durable. All Sportube cases will comfortably accommodate all ski models & binding types. Wire Case Pin included. Sportube can be locked with a Sportube TSA Combination Cable Lock for added security for shipping or non-airline related travel. Protects multiple pairs of Nordic/Skate skis & poles. Fits all types of skis including integrated systems and most with riser plates and ski/binding and riser plate combinations. Wheels make your sports gear easy to maneuver. Adjustable from 48" to 83" (122cm to 212cm) for a One Size Fits All solution a 280mm Width x 152mm Depth a Wheels improve maneuverability a Padded at both ends for additional protection a Lockable for added security a Hard plastic shell for uncompromised strength, durability and protection a 5-Year Warranty a Easy Pull Handle included a Internal Velcro straps hold equipment secure a Ship via FedEx / UPS without the need for a box a Airline friendly a Width - 11" (280mm) a Depth - 6" (152mm) a Weight - 12lbs a Material - High Density Polyethylene What Can Fit? a Two Pair of Alpine Skis and Poles (combined two pair of ski width of up to 280mm) a Four Pair of Skate or XC Skis and Two Pair of Poles

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