Santa Cruz Gleam Dot Snowboard

Santa Cruz Gleam Dot Snowboard

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The GLEAM DOT is our most playful, yet stable deck, offering the softest flex pattern in our line up. The ideal board for progressive riders with a lighter frame. The Snap Rocker - True Twin shape with special flex/torsion tuning allows high-range maneuverability with ease. Its narrower shape gives it a smooth and snappy edge-to-edge response and is well suited for riders with smaller boot sizes. Sidewall: ABS+ Rubber Dampening Edge: HRC Stainless Steel Edge Core: HCM Poplar Tip to Tail Wood Core Fibre Laminate: Biax 30+ Base: Speed SX5000 Shape: True Twin Profile: Snap! Rocker Flex | Stiffness: 5/10

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