Rossignol Meraki Snowboard - Women's - 2018/19

Rossignol Meraki Snowboard - Women's - 2018/19

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Rossignol Meraki Snowboard - Women's MERAKI (may-rah-kee): to do something with complete love and devotion. Our new true twin freestyle women's snowboard is certainly designed for the devoted or soon to be. Featuring AmpTek AutoTurn rocker, a soft symmetrical flex, true twin shape, RadCut, and 3 bump Serrated Edges, the Meraki o? ers some of the industry's best technological advances to make every day on snow, AnotherBestDay. Technology: Amptek AutoTurn - Rossignol's three award-winning camber/rocker blends are each tailored to a specific riding style. Rocker at the tip and tail o? ers increased maneuverability, floatation, and fun. Camber between the inserts guarantees stability and edge grip. Serated Edges 3S - Snowboarding's premium edge hold technology maximizes edge grip between your feet for increased control and stability in the gnarliest conditions. Rossignol is the only brand to deliver continuous edge grip in multiple versions. RadCut - A traditional sidecut between the inserts fuses with multiple reverse sidecuts toward the tip and tail, providing real time sidecut adjustment to the ride, ie. longer when faster, shorter when slower, and delivering the perfect cut at all times. RadCut is offered in multiple versions, each tailored for individual riding styles. More aggressive sidecut blends deliver quicker, livelier turns while smoother sidecuts o?ffer a more fluid, relaxed ride. Base - Sintered 4400 Core - FSC(TM) Certified Wood 6420 - We o?ffer ten di?fferent wood core profi les. Each is suited to a specific riding style and price point. All are built from sustainably harvested wood, originating from responsibly managed forests. Flex Profile: Twin Freestyle - Stiffer under feet for pop and balance with a softer waist for easy manipulation and control. Materials: ABS - Provides enhanced durability while keeping the core safe from moisture. Glass Fiber - Delivers customized flex with increased torsional resistance and stability. Wood - Combinations of Poplar, Birch, and Ash are used in all models delivering the utmost durability and performance.

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