Rome Tour Midwide Blem Snowboard

Rome Tour Midwide Blem Snowboard

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The House

From knee deep to boilerplate, this deck lets you one-up the terrain every time you strap in. Cruise park, get barreled, or send cliffs, the Tour just doesn’t stop having fun. * This board has some minor cosmetic defects-nothing that affects the performance * Bambooster Technology—Dual Inline: Two strips of bamboo for a double dose of natural pop * QuickRip Sidecut: Off-set sidecuts for buttery playfulness and slow speeds and precise agility at high speeds * Camber: NoHang-Ups Rocker 2.0—A revised combo of our flat Diamond and 3D rockered tips and tails for the playfulness of rocker with more pop * Shape: True Twin * Pop Core Matrix * StraightBiax Laminate * XTRD Base * Jump: 9 * Jib: 7 * Pow: 9 * Carve: 8 * All-Terrain: 9

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