Rome Sawtooth Blem Snowboard

Rome Sawtooth Blem Snowboard

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The House

New for 2017, the Sawtooth slashes into the new collection with a taste for freeriding with style, quickness and speed. Whether it snowed last night or hasn’t in two weeks, the Sawtooth uses camber and technology to lay down deep slashes and fully railed out turns. Our new 90/90 Carbon Hybrid Laminate teams up with bamboo HotRods to power the performance. * This board has some minor cosmetic defects-nothing that affects the performance * TurboRods—Bamboo Single Barrel - A snappy rod of bamboo milled into the core for more pop * Pop Core Matrix * 90/90 Carbon Hybrid Laminate * SinterTrue Base * Shape: Directional * Camber: Free - The Ride * Style: MTN Collection

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