Rome Reverb Snowboard

Rome Reverb Snowboard

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The Rome Reverb is the perfect deck for all those traditional camber junkies out there. All the basics in this one. A true twin shape, bamboo single barrel stringer for added pop and personality, super fast sintered base, and of course a classic camber. A tried and true deck, that truly is an ATV that you can take all over your local resort. Whether you are sending big booters in the powder, gaping side hits, smacking rails and boxes, or all of the above, the Rome Reverb is the classic shape and style you need, to seek and destroy everything in your path. * HotRods - Bamboo Single Barrel: A snappy rod of bamboo milled into the core for more pop * Stay Positive: The camber that delivers the most pop. Team favorite * Shape: True Twin * Pop Core Matrix * StraightBiax Carbon Laminate * SinterTrue Base

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