Rome Gang Plank RK1 Len Snowboard

Rome Gang Plank RK1 Len Snowboard

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SPIN A 5. SLASH SOME POW. SET A DEEP EDGE. STOMP FIRST TRY. REPEAT. Creativity dominates whatever the Gang Plank drops into, from deep mornings tafternoons full of sidehits and park laps. Buttery pop-infused riding abounds. FreePop Rocker creates a pressable and responsive ride that is happy tplay around the edges, or get some speed and rip turns. Bambooster HotRods add the snap and pop tollie slow signs and spin off your toes. FreePop Rocker Camber: Stable flat camber in the mid-body of the board with press-happy rocker in the nose and tail. * Pop Core Matrix * StraightBiax Laminate * SinterTrue Base * Rebound Sidewalls * Basalt Impact Plates * HotRods – BamboSingle Barrel * QuickRip Sidecut * All-Mountain Freestyle * FreePop Rocker Camber * Shape: True Twin * Designed in USA, Made in Dubai * Flex: 6

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