Rome Crossrocket Snowboard

Rome Crossrocket Snowboard

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Mountain Steals

The Crossrocket has a unique take on all-mountain freestyle performance. The merging of 3D rocker with Rome''s Diamond of positive camber creates a board that rips super round turns in powder, holds an edge at speed, and pops into spins. Carbon and Z-Tech add a ton of kick in all the right places. The result is a performance that combines plenty-o power with smooth float. Surf, shred and pop. HotRods - Carbon Single Barrel: A lightweight rod in the centerline for added pop Z-Tech 1.0: Centerline Zylon, in a one-inch strip, adds ollie power and lengthwise overall pop NoHang-Ups Pop 2.0: Rome''s unique 3D rocker in the nose and tail, combined with Diamond-shaped zone of positive camber Shape: Almost Twin SuperPop Core Matrix 90/90 Carbon Hybrid Laminate SinterTrue Base QuickRip Technology ButterOut Transition Zones

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