Rome Blackjack Snowboard

Rome Blackjack Snowboard

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Place your bets and get ready to double down on this terrain park focused deck from Rome. The Blackjack comes constructed on a flat camber profile that will keep you feeling stable and steady at most speeds and pitches. Softer flexing materials make for a more natural feel on rails and boxes so you can stomp those tricks you've been practicing all season long. Rome's HotRod Single Barrel Bamboo Stringers add for maximum pop and energy throughout the board allowing you to keep that ollie and nollie power from preseason baby jibs to the postseason slush runs with the homies. Fill the pot with a true twin shape and an extruded impact base and you have a real freestyle deck you won't want to sleep on. * Pop Core Matrix * StraightBiax Carbon Laminate * Impact Base * FiveGnar Sidecut * HotRods: BamboSingle Barrel * All-Mountain Freestyle * Contact Camber * Shape: True Twin * Designed in USA, Made in Taiwan * Flex: 7

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