Rome Blackjack Snowboard

Rome Blackjack Snowboard

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Side hits on repeat, railed out turns on fresh cord, and park laps with the crew. Rome''s do-it-all killer, the Blackjack has a smooth, but responsive feel that is just as happy ripping a carve as it nose-pressing a down rail; a shape that is just as happy slashing a pocket of powder as it is over-tweaking a stale fish. The secret is the combination of Contact Camber, FiveGnar Sidecut and the Bamboo HotRod. The Contact camber balances flexibility with response, while the sidecut and the HotRods inject the right amount of pop. * Pop Core Matrix * Straight Biax Carbon Laminate * Impact Base * FiveGnar Sidecut * HotRods: Bamboo Single Barrel * Contact Camber * Flex: 6/10

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