Ride Machete Wide Snowboard

Ride Machete Wide Snowboard

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The 2019 Ride Machete GT Wide Snowboard is made for that intermediate to expert level rider, aspiring to master all the jibs, jumps, and grinds that cross their path. Showcasing traditional camber between the bindings and reverse camber in the tip and tail, it lifts the contact points off the snow for a catch-free ride through the park and also helps with landings in powder. The Carbon Slimewalls combined with the beefy steel edges provide durability and dampen vibrations when riding through the chunder fields, while the sintered 4000 base sends you zooming down the mountain past all others. Whether you're planning on blasting the big jumps or you're striving to learn backlips, the 2019 Ride Machete GT Men's Wide Snowboard should be your weapon of choice. You wouldn't enter the jungle without your machete, make the mountain no different. (Recommended for boot size 11 and up) * Quadratic Sidecut * Biaxial Glass * Performance Core * Sintered 4000 Base * Roll-In Slimewall * Carbon Slimerods 1.0 * Double Impact Plates * Carbon Array 3 * Cleave Edge Steel * Design: NEW! Twin Hybrid Rocker * Specialty: Park/Groomers * Response: Mellow

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