Ride Machete Snowboard

Ride Machete Snowboard

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The 2019 Ride Machete Snowboard is the weapon of choice for any park rat who is looking for a tried and true board that doesn't lack durability. Ride stepped it up this year, with an updated Twin Hybrid Rocker profile that raises the contact points for a catch-free ride which gives the rider a buttery feel. The carbon slimerods laid within the board provide the rider with a consistent and snappy pop. You'll leave your friends in the dust on this sintered base just be sure to keep it waxed for maximum speed and durability. On the 2019 Ride Machete Snowboard, you have the all the tools you need to slay whatever is in your path. * Quadratic Sidecut * Biaxial Glass * Performance Core * Sintered 4000 Base * Roll-In Slimewall * Carbon Slimerods 1.0 * Double Impact Plates * Carbon Array 3 * Cleave Edge Steel * Design: NEW! Twin Hybrid Rocker * Specialty: Park/Groomers * Response: Mellow

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