Ride Machete Snowboard

Ride Machete Snowboard

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Tanner (or Schubert) was right about a few things. One: Riding down the mountain bare-assed can be liberating. Two: Don''t go changin''! That doesn''t just apply to your favorite mountain. It also applies to the Machete. Why change something that has proven year after year to be an all-mountain freestyle deck with something for every rider? The Machete''s twin shape features rocker to lift tip and tail out fo the snow for flotation as well as easy turn initiation and a catch-free feel at the contact points. The board profile gently transitions into a flat zone underfoot for stability and consistent tracking when you are cruising groomers. Strength is added and vibration is absorbed by Ride''s proprietary Slimewalls technology, while Carbon Slimerods add that pop and rebound you are looking for when you''re lapping the park. With a long history in Ride''s line, the Machete has proven itself as an all mountain freestyle board that is a cut above the competition. * Design: Twin Rocker * Specialty: Park/Groomers * Roll In Slimewalls * Carbon Slimerods 1.0 * Double Impact Plates * Carbon Array 3 Laminates * Cleave Edge Steel * Biaxial Glass * Sintered Base * 2x4 Inserts * Response: Medium

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