Ride Kink Snowboard

Ride Kink Snowboard

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The 2019 Ride Kink Snowboard, for that rider who is all too familiar with the broken deck slump. Endorsed by Ride team shredders Derrek Lever and Dillon Ojo, the Kink is the ultimate side street banger and terrain park destroyer. The true twin shape allows for a board that performs equally well forward or switch, while a traditional camber profile adds pop, edge hold, and response when you need it. Ride went ahead and added Cleave Edge Steel edges that are made from 50% thicker steel, to help you keep those edges intact when nailing them against all things that are not snow. Ride's Roll-In Slimewalls are a urethane sidewall that helps dampen vibration at higher speeds and absorb any extra abuse you throw at this thing. Designed for that park guy getting 50+ days in, who is ready to wreck everything in their path, enter the 2019 Ride Kink Snowboard. * Quadratic Sidecut * Biaxial Glass * Performance Core * Sintered 4000 Base * Roll-In Slimewall * Double Impact Plates * Flat Kick Tips * Cleave Edge Steel * Design: Twin Hybrid Camber * Specialty: Park/Groomers * Response: Mellow

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