Ride Berzerker Snowboard

Ride Berzerker Snowboard

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The 2019 Ride Berzerker Snowboard is made for an all-mountain warrior, to help them go berserk in the trees and on those big mountain lines. Made to keep up with Jake Blauvelt, this board will take you to the highest peaks and deepest pow. This directional camber profile has camber underfoot and rocker in the nose and tail to keep you afloat. Featuring Carbon Slimerods and Roll in Slimewalls, this board is durable without sacrificing on a snappy response. Fly down the mountain on this sintered base, just remember to keep it waxed because, as sintered bases require more maintenance. It doesn’t matter the condition you will be able to shred it all, on the 2019 Ride Berzerker Men's Snowboard. * Quadratic Sidecut * Hybrid Glass * Performance Core * Sintered 4000 Base * Roll-In Slimewall * Carbon Slimerods 2.0 * Double Impact Plates * Carbon Array 3 * Standard Steel Edge * Design: Directional Hybrid Camber * Specialty: Groomers/Pow * Response: Medium

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