Pieps Shovel Pro+

Pieps Shovel Pro+

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You're not alone if you've noticed avalanche shovels have gradually become lighter, smaller, and, well, flimsier. Pieps took note and bucked the trend with its Shovel Pro+. Gram-counting skimo racers may want to look elsewhere, but any other backcountry traveler or snow professional who prefers a stout shovel to blast through avy debris and make short work of snow pits will find what they're looking for with the Pro+. The blade's sharpened edges are designed to cut through debris and concrete-like snow when every second counts. The T-handle has a rounded profile for a more comfortable in-hand feel and is designed in a way to avoid twisting while digging. The extendable shovel saves your back when you're digging multiple snow pits throughout the day, and it sheathes a high carbon steel snow saw that can be used to isolate columns or cut tree branches.

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