Pieps Micro BT Beacon

Pieps Micro BT Beacon

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The Micro Beacon is Pieps' smallest, lightest, and most intuitive triple antenna beacon for backcountry touring. Just because it's the smallest doesn't mean it's the least safe; in fact, the Micro Beacon boasts a three-antenna design with a moderate range of 40 meters. Despite a small size, the Micro's display is as big as Pieps' other beacons for easy reading. Its extensive self-check feature includes an auto-antenna switch that will automatically switch to another antenna if the transmitting antenna experiences a fault after group checks. The Micro Beacon also switches from search to send automatically if the beacon stops moving for a certain amount of time, in the event you get buried while searching for victims. Unique to the Micro Beacon are the vibration and Bluetooth compatibility features. Bluetooth compatibility allows you to update, register, and check the beacon through various settings. The Micro Beacon vibrates in search mode at the initial detection so you can focus on the terrain instead of the display. Of course, all of these features are pretty useless without training, so take the essential courses before hitting the backcountry with this beacon.

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