Nitro SFU Wide Snowboard

Nitro SFU Wide Snowboard

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Hold onto your hats because the Nitro SFU board is blowing hard. Don't let the rain drown out your parade, the SFU board is designed with all the necessities to get into riding and keep you afloat as you start to progress. You could be a first time rider or a weathered captain, and the waves of winter won't crash you into discourse because the SFU has maintenance free extruded base and Rail Killer Edges that prove to be 200% stronger than standard steel edges. With biax-fiberglass and a full fingerjoint poplar wood core, the SFU has a feel and flex that will make any ship's mast stand tall. Navigating your way will be like calm days because of the Flat-Out-Rocker profile shape that provides consistent maneuvering and stability when you need it most - capsizing isn't an option. Set your sails, mark your point, and let the Nitro SFU glide you into the best season of your life. * Twin Shape * Flat-Out Rocker * Standard Width * Urban Flex * Radial Sidecut * Powercore * BI-Lite Laminates * RailKiller Edge * Premium Extruded FH Base * Response Rating: Easy/Loose

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