Nitro Rambler SFU Snowboard Bindings

Nitro Rambler SFU Snowboard Bindings

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When you're searching for the ultimate freestyle binding, there are a few key features you'll want. Ideally, a freestyle binding is lightweight, durable, and has a playful flex. The Rambler binding from Nitro comes packed with tons of tech, that makes it a great freestyle choice. Easy entry buckles and straps make for quick entry and release, so you spend less time messing around with your bindings and more time shredding. Each strap comes fitted with a stainless steel wire that is molded throughout the plastic, so if you break a plastic strap you still have that extra reinforcement, to keep you on your board. Finished off with an EVA footbed, with a 3-degree canted footbed, to take tension off your knees. Under the footbed, you've got Nitro's 2X4 mini disk base plate that reduces the overall footprint, allowing your board to flex more naturally. Pick up a pair of Ramblers today, and you'll never stop rambling on about them. * Transmission Base Frame * Ergo Highback * EVA Dampening * 3° Canted Footbed * 2x4 Mini Disc with Angle Lock Feature * Board Saver Technology * Perfect Fit Ankle Strap * B.E.S.T. Convertible Toe Strap * Cable Reinforced Connector * Aluminum Speedwheel Bunckles * Easy Entry Buckles and Ratchets * Binding Feel: 6/10

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