Nitro Prime Overlay Wide Snowboard

Nitro Prime Overlay Wide Snowboard

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Send it past the learning curve with our progression friendly and catch-free all-terrain men´s snowboard - like your best friend the Prime´s stability always has your back. The Prime offers a ride so easy and effortless you will be progressing past the learning curve like a rocket. The progression-friendly Directional Shape allows riders of all skill levels to drop into the unknown with confidence, and the Flat-Out Rocker´s catch-free ride allows riders to learn new tricks in the park day after day. The Prime is built for riders who want to skip through the basics and get after it on a board that will progress with them. Shape: Directional Rocker: Flat-Out Width: Wide Flex: All Terrain Sidecut: Radial Premium Extruded FH Base Bi-lite Laminates Powercore All Mountain: 10/10 Backcountry: 6/10 Park: 6/10 Flex: 5/10

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