Lib Tech T.Rice Climax Snowboard

Lib Tech T.Rice Climax Snowboard

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The Climax is what happens when you tell Travis he can have anything he wants. What is better than carbon? More carbon! Travis is constantly searching for higher performance in his equipment and riding. The Climax is the spawn of the world’s best rider converging with the world’s best board builders, 30 plus years of board design material, and composites expertise. A glorious design moment where precision, smoothness, lightweight, power and pow converge to create pure performance. * Climas Construction - Lightest - Environmentally Nicer - Liveliest * Core: 20% Aspen / 40% Paulownia / 40% Balsa * Glass: Spread Toe Carbon / 33º Carbon Mesh / S Glass Strips / Tri-Ax * Top: Eco Sublimated Bio Beans Top * Base: Sintered * Tip/Tail: Lightweight Spin Slim * Birch Internal Sidewalls * UHMW Sintered Sidewalls * UHMW Tip/Tail Impact Deflection * C2x - Xtreme Riding All Terrain Contour * Xtreme Perfection - Control/Precision/Float * Lengthened Camber/Shortened Rocker/Lengthened Camber * Effortless Edge Hold - Magne-Traction * Serrated Steak Knife Technology * Travis'' x LIB experiMENTAL Division''s Dream Directional Freestyle/Freeride Stick * Mervin Made USA - Hazardous Waste * Art by Jeff Peters * Flex: Medium/Firm

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