Lib Tech Lando Phoenix Snowboard

Lib Tech Lando Phoenix Snowboard

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Mark and Lib Tech''s experiMENTAL crew took the Lando to the next level with a Diamond T fiber and clear BEANS top. Tlingit inspired NW First Nation artwork by Jamie Lynn. Lando filmed in the world’s heaviest conditions with Travis on the three year Red Bull project with this one. The Lando won’t let you down. * Directional Twin Freestyle/Freeride * Bamboo 3D Risers, Basalt & Diamonf-T Fibers, & Bio Beans Topsheet * Lando Phoenix Construction * HP - HorsePower Construction * C2 - Perfection - Control/Precision/Float * Effortless Edge Hold - Magne-Traction * Lighter - environMETALLY NICER - Smoother * Core: Aspen/Columbia Gold + Bamboo Risers * Glass: Texalium/Basalt Bi-Ax Fiber * Top: Bio Beans * Base: TNT * Birch Internal Sidewalls * UHMW Sintered Sidewalls * UHMW Tip/Tail Impact Deflection * Terrain: Resort/Back Country * Rider Level: Intermediate/Advanced * Flex: Medium * Art by Jamie Lynn

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