Lib Tech Box Knife Wide Snowboard

Lib Tech Box Knife Wide Snowboard

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The Box Knife is the perfect all mountain processing unit for high speed jib / park performance. It’s playful, intelligent, stable and self-aware. A perfect balance for whatever the day throws at you. With early rise cambers this “jib” board becomes a secret powder manipulating genius. Yang to the Scratcher’s Yin the Box Knife’s balanced approach keeps riders like Denver Orr / Ted Borland snapping the line of progression while amplifying Jesse Burtner’s backcountry brain waves. Camber3: Aggressive All Terrain Contour Banana Technology [BNA] Effortless Control Original Power Construction + Sintered Base [OP]- Light Environmentally Nice Strong Core: 75% Aspen / 25% Paulownia Glass: Tri-Ax / Bi-Ax Fiber Top: Eco Sublimated Poly Top + Base: Eco Sublimated Sintered Base Birch Internal Sidewalls Uhmw Sintered Sidewalls Uhmw Tip/Tail Impact Deflection Magne-Traction Effortless Edge Hold Serrate Steak Knife Technology Handcrafted Near Canada in the USA Park - Twin Art by Christina “Pika” Burtner Flex: Medium/Firm

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