Korua Shapes Pencil Splitboard 2020

Korua Shapes Pencil Splitboard 2020

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evo.com | Korua Shapes Splitboards > This shape just begs to be taken to some big mountain lines. The Pencil Splitboard from Korua Shapes is designed to go fast in deep snow, with a perfectly sculpted nose and mellow swallowtail to slip through pow of all types. Korua's Float Camber starts out with rocker at the nose for float and transitions to a traditional camber near the rear binding, maintaining edge control and climbing purchase. Build out your quiver with this "Big Day" splitboard, you won't be disappointed. Directional Flex Rating 7 Float Camber Korua Shapes smooth float-camber curves into a rockered shape in the nose area creating an "S" like shape. This design gives you the lift you need in deep powder, improving float while maintaining speed throughout the whole turn. It also offers response and stability when going for airs or simply turning in variable conditions. Poplar Light Biaxial Fiberglass | Korua Shapes Pencil Splitboard 2020

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