Jetboil Flash PCS Wilderness One Size

Jetboil Flash PCS Wilderness One Size

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Flash(TM) adds more enjoyment to your favorite outdoor adventure. Like all of Jetboil's innovative systems, Flash is an all-in-one design, combining burner and cooking vessel in one compact unit. Everything you need is stacked and stored inside the 1.0 liter cooking cup. This system is so simple that with a click of a button you'll have two cups of boiling water in just a few minutes for cocoa, coffee, tea or your favorite freeze-dried meal and has an insulating cozy that changes color when the contents are hot. The Flash Cooking System features a burner that secures the igniter, protecting it from bumps and jostling along the way. Not only is the Flash(TM) designed to be easy to use, but it's also one of the safest cooking solutions out there. The cooking cup clips onto the burner to help prevent accidental spills, and the fuel canister tripod keeps the cooking system stable and secure.

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