Gordini The Polar Mittens

Gordini The Polar Mittens

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The Gordini Polar Mitt offers the complete package of weather proofing and warmth. The Aquabloc insert provides waterproof/windproof protection while still allowing breathability, creating a comfortable, dry environment inside the glove. The warmth is provided by Gordini's own Naturaloft Insulation Package, a 600 fill down insulation that provides effective, long lasting heat. The palms are lined with Lavawool, a blend of natural wool fibers and active synthetic fibers that produce a quick-drying moisture management system to keep your hands dry and warm. Teddy-Bear fleece lines the inside of your mitts creating a lush, comfortable feeling against the skin. The Gordini Polar Mitt's offer the ultimate combination between comfort and performance for skiers or all levels. Naturaloft Insulation Package, Aquabloc Insert, Lavawool Palm, Wrist and Sleeve Closure, Deerskin Leather, Teddy-Bear Fleece Liner,

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