GNU Gnuru Asym Wide Snowboard

GNU Gnuru Asym Wide Snowboard

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Grab a hold of the C2e Gnuru quiver crusher and never be ill-equipped. The built-in anatomic intuition of Asym-metry gives the Gnuru its a "know-it-all"-terrain identity. From day 1 to Gus Warbington, this unreal snowboard is destined to lead your snow evolution! * UNREAL CONTROL - C2e * Easy Perfection - Control/Precision/Float * The Perfect Rocker/Camber Hybrid, Rips Everything * UNREAL TURNING: Asymmetry - Balance Through Asymmetry * UNREAL EDGE HOLD: Magne-Traction - Turns Ice into Powder! * ASYM UNREAL G1 Construction * Core: ASPEN/ASYM COLUMBIAN GOLD ALLOY: Balanced, Light, Sustainable, FSC Certified, Strong & Poppy * Glass: TRI-AX/BI-AX: Strong, Light And Poppy * Top: ECO SUBLIMATED VERZURE POLY TOP: Tough, Sheds Snow and Adds Traction * Base: CO-EX: Fast & Easy To Maintain * Sidewalls: UHMW: Tough & Fast * Level 1 Asym Sidecut/Core * Level 2 Asym Sidecut/Core/Contact * Hand Built in the USA by Snowboarders with jobs! * Artist: Adam Friedman * Flex: Medium

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