GNU Carbon Credit Asym Wide Snowboard

GNU Carbon Credit Asym Wide Snowboard

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From ripping laps through the park to boosting side hits all over the mountain, the Carbon Credit from GNU is the leading deck, a well-rounded, easy riding board. Starting with the profile, the Carbon Credit features GNU's original banana profile, a rocker style mold between the feet, with a mild regular camber bend underfoot, for a loose and playful feel that retains it pop. Another key feature in this deck lays in the heel, the edge features an asymmetrical sidecut, meaning the heel edge is cut differently than the toe side edge, allowing the rider to achieve deep heel side turns without slipping. Throw in GNU's Magne-traction® edge, for extra grip on hardpack and icy corduroys, and you've got a board that's easy to ride and has the ultimate bang for your buck. * UNREAL CONTROL - ORIGINAL BANANA * Progression - Easy/Jibby/Floaty * Mild Camber/Rocker/Mild Camber * UNREAL TURNING: Asymmetry - Balance Through Asymmetry * UNREAL EDGE HOLD: Magne-Traction - Turns Ice into Powder! * ASYM UNREAL G1 Construction * Core: ASPEN/ASYM COLUMBIAN GOLD ALLOY: Balanced, Light, Sustainable, FSC Certified, Strong & Poppy * Glass: TRI-AX/BI-AX: Strong, Light And Poppy * Top: ECO SUBLIMATED VERZURE POLY TOP: Tough, Sheds Snow and Adds Traction * Base: CO-EX: Fast & Easy To Maintain * Sidewalls: UHMW: Tough & Fast * Level 1 Asym Sidecut/Core * Level 2 Asym Sidecut/Core/Contact * Hand Built in the USA by Snowboarders with jobs! * Artist: Simon Page * Flex: Soft/Medium

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