Flow NX2 Fusion Snowboard Bindings 2018

Flow NX2 Fusion Snowboard Bindings 2018

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evo.com | Flow Snowboard Bindings > Are you needing to replace those mangled bindings tucked away in your garage? Look no further than the Flow NX2 Fusion Snowboard Bindings. With precision engineering and refined technology, this stiffer rear-entry binding will give you versatility on the hill. The Aluminum Alloy Rockered baseplate is the most reactive and stiff baseplate in Flow's repertoire and combined with the OC Kush Base & Heel-Pad will provide stability, comfort, and response. Aluminum Alloy Rockered Unique for the NX2 this is the stiffest and most responsive baseplate Flow designs. PowerStrap These straps cover a larger area of your mid-foot and connect the ankle and toe zones for a more convenient, comfortable, and more powerful riding experience. Aluminum 5mm offset Multidisk 4HP + 3HP + M6-Channel Stiff Flex 8 (1-10 Rating System) Glass-Filled Nylon Modback The modular hibacks separate the lower and upper zones for targeted strength, support, and flex. The Glass-Filled Nylon offers a lively and fun feel. In the NX2 model the lower zone automatically triggers Active Strap Technology. | Flow NX2 Fusion Snowboard Bindings 2018

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