Flow NX2-CX Fusion Snowboard Bindings 2020

Flow NX2-CX Fusion Snowboard Bindings 2020

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evo.com | Flow Snowboard Bindings > Less is more. Less fiddling, less need for adjustability, and less frustration: Flow NX2-CX Fusion Snowboard Bindings do away with the hassles and let you ride. With carbon-infused highbacks and aluminum baseplates, these are ultra-responsive and built bomber. Made for heavy hitters, new jump guinea piggers, and deep snow trench diggers, these are super stiff clampers for the set it and send it types. Active Strap Technology Dual-Entry has never been more convenient without sacrificing the performance, comfort, and power transmission that Flow bindings are famous for. With Flow's revolutionary Active Strap Technology, the strap automatically lifts up when you open the reclining highback and actively tightens again when you close the highback. AST reduces friction and creates more room so that getting in and out of your binding is faster and easier than ever. NX2-Series The NX2 series is a lightweight, rockered Aluminum alloy baseplate. This is Flow's stiffest and most responsive baseplate, for riders who want immediate response and direct edge control. Alluminum Offset Multidisk 4HP, 3HP, and Channel compatible. Very Stiff Enjoy unmatched performance and stability thanks to a more responsive and precise flex profile. Carbon-infused Nylon Asym Fuse UniBack Flow's asymmetrical 1-piece UniBacks have a supportive spine with a wide range of support for more drive. They deliver a balance of support and comfort, with a contoured fit to follow your boot. | Flow NX2-CX Fusion Snowboard Bindings 2020

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