Flow Micron Snowboard Bindings

Flow Micron Snowboard Bindings

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From first turns to first jumps, the MICRON keeps kids happy and comfortable. The baseplate, highback and UniFit PowerStrap offer just the right mix of forgiving support and comfort. Best of all, the reclining highback and oversize highback-lever are so easy to use, kids can get in and out all by themselves. * Baseplate: Molded Composite, Rockered * Hiback: Molded Composite, Uniback * Powerstrap: Fusion UniFit * Ratchet-Buckles: Micron-Latch Buckles * EVA-Pads Cushioning * Disk (4HP + 3HP) * Comfort: 8/10 * Response: 5/10 * Toe-Heel Stiffness: 4/10 * Lateral Stiffness: 4/10

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