Flow Fuse Hybrid Snowboard Bindings 2019

Flow Fuse Hybrid Snowboard Bindings 2019

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evo.com | Flow Snowboard Bindings > A good all-around binding will soak up mistakes without punishing you with too much stiffness. The Flow Fuse Hybrid Snowboard Bindings are mid-range bindings focused on fun that are forgiving enough for freestyle riding without being a mushy liability on more demanding terrain. A glass-filled nylon baseplate and highback allow your board and body to move as they were intended, not hanging up or interfering with your flow. Get the best of rear entry access with a traditional toe cap strap in the do-it-all Flow Fuse Hybrid Snowboard Bindings. Hybrid PowerStrap Hybrid PowerStraps connect an ankle-strap to a more conventional toe-cap strap for a mix of quick entry and fit customization. Rockered Glass-filled Nylon Baseplate This glass-filled Nylon baseplate is a fun and responsive medium flex for all-terrain performance without being too stiff. Nylon Offset Multidisk Compatible with 4HP + 3HP + M6 Channel inserts Medium Flex A balance of support and comfort makes for all-terrain versatility. Glass-filled Asym UniBack A one-piece, asymmetrical UniBack is light weight with a balanced feel of support and comfort. | Flow Fuse Hybrid Snowboard Bindings 2019

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