Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Bindings 2018

Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Bindings 2018

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evo.com | Flow Snowboard Bindings > Ignite your riding with the Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Bindings. With a medium flex and Fusion PowerStraps, these bindings create the perfect balance of spring and response. The 3-D shape of the Fusion PowerStraps provides comfortable padding for your foot while also supporting your riding for a unified experience that transfers energy simply and efficiently. The modular hiback on this binding separates the lower and upper zone of the binding, which allows for pinpointed power and support. A glass-filled nylon technology on the hiback makes the bindings snappy and responsive. If you are looking for an easy to use all around great binding, grab yourself a pair of the Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Bindings. Glass-Filled Nylon Modback The modular hibacks separate the lower and upper zones for targeted strength, support, and flex. The Glass-Filled Nylon offers a lively and fun feel. In the NX2 model the lower zone automatically triggers Active Strap Technology. Medium Flex 6 (1-10 Rating System) Nylon 3m-Offset Multidisk (4HP + 3HP + M6-Channel) Active Strap Technology Dual-Entry has never been more convenient without sacrificing the superior performance, comfort and power transmission that Flow bindings are famous for. With our revolutionary Active Strap Technology, the strap automatically lifts up when you open the reclining highback and actively tightens again when you close the highback. AST reduces friction and creates more room so that getting in and out of your binding is faster and easier than ever. Fuse Series This baseplate is a glass-filled nylon rockered baseplate with aluminum-alloy sidewings. This is a fun and responsive baseplate for riders that prefer the feel of a molded base. | Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Bindings 2018

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