Fade MIPS Helmet

Fade MIPS Helmet

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When you hit it hard, sometimes you get hit hard, so always have the Giro Fade MIPS Helmet on your noggin. This helmet features Giro's In Form Fit System to securely and comfortable fasten itself to your dome. The Fade MIPS also features Thermostat Control Adjustable Venting, so its comfortable anytime, from those frigid winter nights, to those bluebird spring days. PRODUCT FEATURES: Construction: MIPS Multi-directional Impact Protection System, In-Mold Construction Fit System: In Form Fit System, Vertical Tuning Ventilation: Thermostat Control Adjustable Venting, Super Cool Vents, Stack Ventilation Designed Specifically For Women Womens Design Earpad Detailing Compatible With Aftermarket Giro Audio Systems by Outdoor Tech Seamless Compatibility With All Giro Goggles Certification: Compliance: CE EN1077 FADEMIPS , giro Fade MIPS Helmets , Fade MIPS Helmet giros , giro Fade MIPSs , Fade MIPS giros , giro Fade Helmets , Fade Helmet giros , giro Fades , Fade giros , giro helmets fade mips , fade mips giro helmets , helmets , winter helmets , snow helmets , ski helmets , skiing helmets , snowboard helmets , snow board helmets , snowboarding helmets , ski headwear , skiing headwear , snowboard headwear , snow board headwear , snowboarding headwear , GIRO helmets , GIRO winter helmets , GIRO snow helmets , GIRO ski helmets , GIRO skiing helmets , GIRO snowboard helmets , GIRO snow board helmets , GIRO snowboarding helmets , GIRO ski headwear , GIRO skiing headwear , GIRO snowboard headwear , GIRO snow board headwear , GIRO snowboarding headwear , mens helmets , mens winter helmets , mens snow helmets , mens ski helmets , mens skiing helmets , mens snowboard helmets , mens snow board helmets , mens snowboarding helmets , mens ski headwear , mens skiing headwear , mens snowboard headwear , mens snow board headwear , mens snowboarding headwear , womens helmets , womens winter helmets , womens snow helmets , womens ski helmets , womens skiing helmets , womens snowboard helmets , womens snow board helmets , womens snowboarding helmets , womens ski headwear , womens skiing headwear , womens snowboard headwear , womens snow board headwear , womens snowboarding headwear , ladies helmets , ladies winter helmets , ladies snow helmets , ladies ski helmets , ladies skiing helmets , ladies snowboard helmets , ladies snow board helmets , ladies snowboarding helmets , ladies ski headwear , ladies skiing headwear , ladies snowboard headwear , ladies snow board headwear , ladies snowboarding headwear

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