Electric Electron Goggles 2020

Electric Electron Goggles 2020

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evo.com | Electric Goggles > The king of kings for snowy time sight. The new Electric Electron Goggles boast Press Seal lens mounting for a superior lens/frame connection, while an adaptive LED panel makes riding in variable conditions easier than ever. The three selectable modes can adjust for changing light on the fly, ensuring quality vision at all times and environments. Recharge your sight on hill with the Electric Electron Goggles. Contoured Triple Layer Face Foam Ergonomic Frame Design Helmet Compatible Frame 40 mm Strap with Adjusters Adaptive LED Panel Technology Adjust for changing conditions on the fly with the push of a button. These lenses feature 3 VLT modes that adjust the tint for changing light conditions. | Electric Electron Goggles 2020

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