Electric EG3.5 Goggles 2018

Electric EG3.5 Goggles 2018

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evo.com | Electric Goggles > Remember the first time you watched an IMAX movie and you craned your neck up to take in the huge screen and said "OMG" this is awesome? The same thing will happen when you put on the Electric EG3.5 Goggles for the first time. People who love the super steep and enjoy spinning while riding will love this goggle for what it is - the biggest, baddest way to protect your eyes for winter sports. Note: the DG3.5 offers the same ground-breaking field of view as the EG3, but is sized for a slightly smaller face. Contoured Triple Layer Face Foam Ergonomic Frame Design 100% UV Protection 40 mm Strap with Silicone Lining Helmet Compatible Frame | Electric EG3.5 Goggles 2018

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