EGV Matte Black Goggles

EGV Matte Black Goggles

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Gaze into the snowy, sunny slope with the unparalleled confidence and comfort that Electric's EGV Snow Goggles provide. With a wide view, three layers of cushy foam, and anti-scratch and fog lenses, these goggles will make even the longest days feel short and fun. Top this cake with the icing that is a darn good lookin' Volcom collaboration, and you'll find that the EGV Snow Goggles are in a supreme league of their own. PRODUCT FEATURES: Ergonomic Frame Design Mold Injected Thermoplastic Urethane Frame 100% UV Protection Dual Cylindrical Thermoformed Lens Wide Peripheral Vision Anti-Fog And Anti-Scratch Hard Coating Contoured Triple Layer Face Foam 40mm Strap With Adjusters Helmet Compatible Frame Microfiber Goggle Bag Included Free Bonus Lens EG1316101 , electric EGV Matte Black Goggles , EGV Matte Black Goggles electrics , electric EGV Goggles , EGV Goggles electrics , electric EGV Matte Blacks , EGV Matte Black electrics , electric EGVs , EGV electrics , goggles , winter goggles , snow goggles , ski goggles , skiing goggles , snowboard goggles , snow board goggles , snowboarding goggles , electric goggles , electric winter goggles , electric snow goggles , electric ski goggles , electric goggles , electric goggles , electric snow board goggles , electric snowboarding goggles , mens goggles , mens winter goggles , mens snow goggles , mens ski goggles , mens skiing goggles , mens snowboard goggles , mens snow board goggles , mens snowboarding goggles , womens goggles , womens winter goggles , womens snow goggles , womens ski goggles , womens skiing goggles , womens snowboard goggles , womens snow board goggles , womens snowboarding goggles , ladies goggles , ladies winter goggles , ladies snow goggles , ladies ski goggles , ladies skiing goggles , ladies snowboard goggles , ladies snow board goggles , ladies snowboarding goggles

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