Drake Supersport Snowboard Bindings

Drake Supersport Snowboard Bindings

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For the Drake Supersport Snowboard Binding, Drake has taken the power and control of the Drake SS snowboarding binding to an all-new level this season. The Super Sport is ready to run with its Axis ratchets and all new "cush" FFC ankle straps. If you're more likely to be seen drag racing the city streets than at the Grand Prix, and you're more into muscle cars than Porsches- this is your binding. A "hemi" in it's own right, this durable binding has an over-injected S4 hi-back for immediate response and superior handling- for the guy who checks under the hood. Key Features of the Drake Super Sport Snowboard Binding: Delta2 Base/Delta2 Accelerators+Disc Cover Universal Disc NEW Delta2 Heel Accelerators w/plaxmol NEW Curformed Heelcup S4 Highbacks/QA Fwd lean NEW FFC Ankle Straps SFC Toe Straps Axis Alum Ratchets

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