DC PBJ Snowboard

DC PBJ Snowboard

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Ahhh the PBJ. Just like mom used to make! The DC PBJ is the ultimate rail destroyer year after year. This classic true twin shape comes with a softer flexing camber profile for extra snap for ollie and nollie power while remaining playful for presses and butters. Finished off with an extruded TrueBase allows you to spend more time riding and less time in the tune shop. The PBJ is the perfect deck for that rider looking to expand his riding through the rails or for taking it to the streets. Save your lunch money and pick up this board before they sell out. * Traditional Camber * Stratus Core * Biax * TrueBase * 3 Degree Bevel * Tear The Roof Off * Radius 2 Flat * Camber: +4mm * Flex Rating: 5/10

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