Burton Pyro Gloves

Burton Pyro Gloves

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There have been lots of stories with pyromaniacs in them. But the "Trashcan Man" is one of the best. He's from The Stand, a film by Steven King, and plays a significant role. However, before he gets to the climactic ending, his story begins with a few disfigurations due to his fascination with fire. One of those is a gimp hand that awkwardly points away from his body at a 90-degree angle. The Burton Pyro Glove won't mutate you into a movie freak, but it might draw some similar attention. You'll be doing all kinds of hot moves thanks the horrifyingly waterproof combo of its DRYRIDE Ultrashell™ 2L fabric and DRYRIDE Insane Membrane™. You'll be fired up, too, with the Thermacore™ insulation and moisture-wicking fleece lining. And finally, you'll melt your face as you surf your apps with the Screen Grab™ palm and its total touchscreen control. No really, it will all happen like that. * Screen Grab Toughgrip Palm for Total Touchscreen Control. Any device, any finger - you get total touchscreen control without ever exposing your fingers to the cold. * DRYRIDE Ultrashell 2-Layer Fabric. Offered in various performance levels and stretch in some styles, with Ultrashell 2-layer coated offering a drier, more breathable level of performance. * Waterproof DRYRIDE Insane Membrane 1.0. Offered in 1.0 and 2.0 versions with 2.0 offering a higher level of quick-wicking, waterproof performance. * Thermacore Insulation. We offer Thermacore in a variety of weights, and in select styles fine-tune the amount of insulation in the body, sleeves, and hood for focused warmth and breathability. * Fixed Fleece Lining: Quick-drying, soft, and technical. * Ergonomic Pre-Curved Fit: The superior dexterity of this articulated fit means your hands will always be warm and nimble no matter what kind of action you get into.

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