Burton Paramount Snowboard

Burton Paramount Snowboard

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The pinnacle formula for high-caliber park performance: twin tip shape with the pop and raw power of camber. Launching to the moon or sliding down a rail, the NEW Burton Paramount is the vehicle that will get you there and back again. The precision and response of Camber combines with a classic twin tip shape for a freestyle formula that's served riders since the birth of the terrain park. A medium flex provides stability and support for stomped landings, while still ensuring enough wiggle room to crank out a press on boxes, rails, and anything else in your path. * Bend: Camber * Shape/Flex: Twin/Twin * Core: FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core with Dualzone EGD * Fiberglass/Base: Triax /Sintered WFO * The Channel * Frostbite Edges * Super Sap Epoxy * Pro-Tip * Infinite Ride * Artist: Glenn Barr glbarr.com * Personality: 3 - 6 (Playful - Medium)

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