Bent Metal Joint Snowboard Bindings - Men's

Bent Metal Joint Snowboard Bindings - Men's

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Bent Metal Joint Snowboard Bindings - Men's: Create a fluid JOINT between you, your board, and the mountain with the BMBW JOINT. The JOINT brings BMBW's standard of high performance components and a Mervin Made Flex Control Drive Plate together for less money and more all mountain action. The boron fiber Drive Plate pairs with a nylon high back and heel cup to create a responsive yet forgiving all mountain performance. Photography by Tim Zimmerman. Features: Nylon Highback - Engineered Nylon Polymer has a medium flexwhich is best for all around riding conditions. Mobility Light Strap - 3D Architectural structure, TPU Elastomer provides a damp and forgiving ride, Lightweight with great comfort. Light Form Toe Strap - Low profile design forms precise geometry for maximum fit and feather weight, molded grip surfaces secures strap in place. Boron Fiber Drive Plate - Boron Fiber, Poly Core and Eco-Sublimated top sheetmaterial create a medium flex pattern for a broadrange of conditions.

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